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The origin of A2 Beef dates back to early 2012 when René Welgemoed purchased a piece of land in the Welverdiend area near Heidelberg. In the same year René setup a cattle feedlot and purchased his first cows. The core strategy was to purchase weaners (young cows weighing an average of 230 kg) and intensely feed them for an average period of 150 days after which they would be sold to the abattoir. Perfecting this strategy took some time as there are many variables to the intense feeding of cattle. After many hours of hard work as well as the addition of Quinton Warne as a partner, who is a distinguished business man and helped with the business strategy, we are proud to have perfected this strategy and now consistently achieve above average returns.

Due to the good returns achieved, A2 Beef decided to grow its business by offering investors an opportunity to invest in the business. A toll feeding division was created in which investors purchase calves that are fed at A2 Beef and the profits are then shared. After a successful trial with four different investors we have now gone to market to further expand the business. A2 Beef currently feeds 300 to 400 cattle with an immediate capacity of 1000. It is our short term goal to get to 1000 cattle in the feedlot. We have 3 years supply of quality silage on the farm and a strong supply of water from two boreholes.

A2 Beef is committed to creating wealth for our investors for many years to come.